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About Wanderlust: Rebirth

What is Wanderlust? The American Heritage Dictionary defines it as: "a very strong or irresistible impulse to travel." Wanderlust (the game) is an online, fantasy, 4 player party-based arcade-action rpg game made with Game Maker. Wanderlust: Rebirth officially began on December 24th, 2006. Our hope is to make Wanderlust a strong community-oriented game, where our players will make new friends and experience a great novel-esque story with one another!

World of Wanderlust


A broad overview and miscellaneous stuff in Wanderlust: Rebirth.


Info and guides about all the ten chapters of the game. Including strategies and guides.


Wanderlust contains lots of different items, need help finding one? Then check out the 'Items' section.


Stuck on a block? Want to improve your game? Do so here!

Characters and Enemies

Wanting to learn about characters, or are you having problems with a special monster? Then these sections are the right place for you!